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Men and Boys

Below are programming ideas to bring awareness to how sexual violence impacts men and boys.

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Host a Denim Day photo shoot to raise awareness for Denim Day and give men and boys a connection and visual representation of their support.

Decorate jeans as an informative and creative way to get men and boys to connect with Denim Day and allow them to create something with a meaningful message.

Collect images, slogans, and other powerful and positive messages for a video or slide show that can be shown in a large arena or via social media to educate people and show support for Denim Day.

Hold a rally in your community or public space to show support and unification around Denim Day.

Hold a screening of the film The Mask You Live In.  This film examines the impact that America’s definition of masculinity has on men and boys.

Hold a screening of the film Tough Guise or Tough Guise 2. These films explore the relationship between perpetration of violence and the pressures that men and boys feel to be “tough.”

Visit the 1 in 6 website; this site contains information about male sexual assault survivors, including supportive resources, statistics, and guides for supporting male survivors.


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