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School Kit

How can my school participate in Denim Day?

Below are programming ideas for schools to help raise awareness and support for Denim Day Milwaukee.

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*Great options for middle school and high school students!

Host a Denim Day photo shoot to raise awareness for Denim Day and give the campus a connection and visual representation of their support.

Decorate jeans as an informative and creative way to get the campus to connect with Denim Day and allow students to create something with a meaningful message.

Collect images, slogans, and other powerful and positive messages for a video or slide show that can be shown in a large arena or via social media to educate and show support for Denim Day.

Find a local shelter or place of need that would benefit from the donation of jeans.

Participate in this photography project to show your support for survivors and end victim-blaming.

On Denim Day, ask participants to create their own “Ask Me Why I’m Wearing Jeans” pins.

Hold a rally in a main campus auditorium or public space to show support and a unified campus.

Hold a half day conference for students, faculty, and staff to come and learn about how to react, support, and respect sexual assault survivors.

Encourage Women’s Studies or Social Justice based courses to research Denim Day, look into how they can make a change in legislation for sexual assault survivors, or write letters to a State Representative for change in policy.

Encourage participants to research their schools handling of sexual assault reports. If there is need for change, write to the editor of the school newspaper and community media.

In order to catch participant’s attention, the efficient usage of institution’s social media is vital.

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