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Denim Day Supporters Photo Shoot

Host a Denim Day photo shoot to raise awareness for Denim Day and give the campus a connection and visual representation of their support.

  • Ask photography students  to help out with the shoot.
  • Give at least two weeks’ notice before the shoot so that people are able to coordinate their schedule to wear jeans or change into them.
  • Find a populated space on campus to do the photo shoot so that there is an easy visual of the shoot and to recruit supporters.
  • Make sure to have media release forms for all students, faculty, and staff to sign.
  • Put flyers out on a table/display to explain Denim Day to people passing through.
  • Create large posters or banners with the participants’ photos to display across campus at least a week or two before Denim Day to raise awareness.
  • Encourage participants to dress as themselves in their jeans!
  • Make sure to okay the space and photo shoot with the proper departments at your school ahead of time.
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